Teaser Sandiaga Uno Reviving “Indonesia Goes Global” | Off The Script

Teaser Sandiaga Uno Reviving "Indonesia Goes Global" | Off The Script

Off The Script with Gundy Cahyadi presents Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia. Sandiaga tells his story of how the appointment of a ministerial position to him right before the pandemic hit was quite challenging because it had various damaging effects in almost all sectors under his care.

However, as a result of the vaccination program that was carried out together in all places, Indonesia is able to recover, even ranked among the best practice achievers in handling the pandemic.

The Minister also shares how the tourism perspective has moved forward in sustainable ways because it could impact the environment and local communities. In order for the sustainability revival can continue to last, it is necessary for the younger generation to prioritize the creative economy in their respective regions. So that demand can continue to be created and presented to the international scene.

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